Seven Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Lead Generation

Does LinkedIn Lead Generation work?

LinkedIn in this time of Lock down is probably the most important tool out there. With more people online now than ever before, LinkedIn is the perfect place to connect with new potential clients and start conversations with them! Not only that it is free for the most part.  

Sean Honan (Ireland - Croatia - Peru)

Digital Marketer on a mission of helping SME's Find More Clients, Generate More Sales With Lead Gen & Improved Sales Processes. Owner of Linkedgrowth - digital marketing agency and Inicijativa - education centre. Certified partner of Digital Marketer & Certified consultant with LinkedSelling.

How else will you attract new leads and clients to your business?

If you’re not active on LinkedIn, you’re missing 80% of your leads. Let that sink in for a moment. Studies show that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. On average, 46% of social media traffic coming to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn. LinkedIn has 546+ million users in 200 countries, and two new members join the network every second!

Now ask yourself: “Am I using LinkedIn Lead Generation to its full potential?”

If not, keep reading to get the most from you LinkedIn lead generation efforts.

Pick a Niche

Yes, we have all heard this a hundred times, but it’s true. Your prospects want to know that you have a deep understanding of their problems and the only way to convey this is to speak directly to these problems. If you are speaking to everybody, then you are talking to nobody. If you want your message to resonate with your prospects, then you have to be specific. I know, it’s hard sometimes to pick a niche, but try as much as you can, whether its industry, geography or even company size. Don't try to have a one size fits all product because this is the language of bargain-basement products and people will ignore you

Do you need to find new clients
for your business?

Do you need to find targeted leads that will become new clients for your business? Sign up for our LinkedIn Lead generation workshop now!

Have a compelling offer

The most important thing to sell any product is a great offer! Your product or service from a distance is probably not unique, and you need to educate your customers so they "Get why your service is better than all the others out there".

Is your offer for your service or product compelling? Did you sit-down and spend some time creating your unique selling proposition, offer, or did you hand this task off to someone else? 

It is too important a job to pawn off on someone else, as no one understands your business as well as you do. 

I'm sure you did not get into this business, thinking you were adding another generic product to the world. Try to remember the passion that compelled you to start your business and make sure you USP reflects this!  Identify your ideal customer and try to see things from their perspective:

What problems do you solve?

What differentiates you from the competition?

Can you describe the “After state" that your service brings? ie They will save time/ money, get more clients etc

Have a strong “WHY” 

At the end of the day, lead generation is about opening conversations with your ideal prospects. When a potential lead comes to your profile, they need to see that you are passionate about the same things as they are. If you have a strong "Why you do what you do" it will be easier for them to connect with you, It's simpler to talk with someone who has the same passions as you do.

Make sure LinkedIn profile & company  showcases your product/ service

Update your LinkedIn Profile; data has shown that 61% of people check your LinkedIn profile who want a quick overview of who you are. It is the shortest and most concise way to find out about a person. Most people tend to use LinkedIn as a CV resume and list all their achievements. While this is fine if you are expecting to be headhunted, it may be a missed opportunity also.  

If you are selling a service or product, your buyer does not care about your past successes. They want to know "What can you or your service/product do for them”, and you only have a few seconds to create a good impression.

Don’t waste the headline section with a simple “CEO of XYZ company”. Use this section to impress prospects with a compelling benefit statement. You benefit statement doesn’t have to be poetry, state what you or your company does, ie. VP Business Development, (Company name) |  We help app developers & publishers grow their user base.

Your LinkedIn Profile & Your Homepage need to be Congruent

Congruency in any marketing campaign is very important. We have all clicked on a Facebook post at some time that promised to inform us about some exciting news development or juicy gossip only to be brought to a terrible page that had no info about this story. After scrolling for a while, we get annoyed for having our time wasted, so we make a mental note not to come back to that site.  

Likewise, It is very similar to your LinkedIn profile and your website. I can’t tell you how many times I have come across a profile that stated that this person focused on a particular service, but when you jump over to their website (the logical progression) lo and behold, there is little or no mention of said service or product. Nobody likes to have their time wasted!

Have a converting homepage

According to Ryan Deiss (CEO Digital Marketer) – "A good homepage won't make a sale, but a bad one will definitely lose a sale".  It's true, how many times have you visited the homepage of a website and left after 5 minutes thinking "I have no idea what this company does, none at all”. This happens way too often! 

Most companies have terrible homepages that have no clear offer, benefit statement or calls to action (except for a contact page). A homepage is so important; it’s your companies shop front window. It should clearly state these four things:

  • Who is this for?
  • What does it do?
  • Does it establish trust?
  • What to do next?

Your homepage needs to call out, who is your product for, and what does your product do. This is the real function of your headline, nothing else. Create as little confusion as possible. Your headline should be clear and concise. 

Do you have a trust bar? Have you a list of companies that you have worked with on display? Do you have testimonials on your homepage? If someone has just heard of your product, then you need to establish some credibility and trust.

Do you have a clear call to action? Contact pages no longer work, people want immediate info, and you have 7 seconds to keep them. So give them clear instructions on "What to do next". These can be in the form of:  

  • Book a demo
  • Call us
  • Book a strategy call
  • Sign up now

Do not expect that your prospect to look for a way to move forward, take their hand and guide them.

Have a Sales follow-up process in place

if you are serious about converting leads into clients, then you must have a sales process in place. Lead generation without a conversion process is just a waste of money. Before you even try to start trying to generate leads, make sure you have set up a system to convert these leads.

Using the right tools to take out as much manual sales activity as possible which will save time, improve follow up and conversion, while still giving the client a great experience.

In a nutshell, technology should be used to simplify and improve H2H (human to human) interaction, NOT make it more complicated.

Do you need new clients?

Do you need to find targeted leads that will become new clients for your business? Sign up for our LinkedIn Lead generation workshop now!