We Help B2B Businesses Get More Qualified Leads That Close At A Higher Rate With A Personalised Integrated Sales Process

Are You Looking For A Proven System That Delivers
A Higher Percentage & Virtually Limitless Supply
Of Warm Qualified Leads?

How easy would it be for your business to grow if you had a system that..

  • Dramatically increased sales appointments
  • Generates a ready supply of warm leads you can access at any time
  • Integrate easily with all your other online marketing
  • Promotes you as the acknowledged expert in your field
  • Ongoing ability to generate warm leads, boost sales and foster solid relationships with everyone you want to do business with

Sagi Barkay

CEO at Dognostica, Advisor/consultant in digital/medical technology projects

Sean makes amazing things happen because he cares deeply about the people he works with. He is what every startup founder needs, even if they don't always know they need it. Having Sean at your side is an unfair competitive advantage your company can have. He is efficient and genuinely cares about your success. I can highly recommend Sean to anyone and hope I will have the pleasure to work with him again

How We Help Clients Generate More Leads & Transform Their Sales Process to Qualify And Convert Them

We build and optimise three key elements in the foundations of a scalable sales eco-system, that generates results for the business AND provides a great experience for their clients.


Creating a buyer-centric roadmap for structured selling that best serves the client, so sales becomes leadership. Then adopting & aligning this theme throughout all the necessary touch points in a working process.

Often marketing and sales strategies can be disparate and at conflict which causes poor results, we bridge the two here.


Using the right tools to take out as much manual sales activity as possible which will save time, improve follow up and conversion, whilst still giving the client a great experience.

In a nutshell, technology should be used to simplify and improve H2H (human to human) interaction, NOT make it more complicated.

Soft Skills.

Working with the business owner and their team to develop and install the best culture and environment, which means anyone in the business can and should confidently contribute to sales when called upon.

This allows the owner to step away from day-to-day selling to grow a sales team, with new people being able to shine and get results from day one.

Not only do we know what are the best tactics
that are working on LinkedIn now,
we want to share them with your team too. 

During our campaign we will:

  • Identifying your ideal customer/customer avatar
  • Articulating the value of your offer in a way that will attract clients
  • Optimising your LinkedIn profile so it will stand out & be found 
  • Showing your team to use Sales Navigator properly to build an massive database of thousands of your ideal clients
  • Implementing 3 different LinkedIn lead generation tactics to attract your ideal leads now 
  • How to write compelling LinkedIn messages to get you the results you want
  • How to fix a campaign when its not working
  • How to connect with hard to reach prospects who normally ignore connection requests

What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s get more of the clients you want.

We help companies generate leads and increase sales


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