Generate Leads & Increase Sales for B2B companies

Our LinkedIn lead generation workshop will provide you with the knowledge to acquire a virtually limitless supply of warm leads and convert them!

Just imagine a tailored online marketing tool that gives you all this:

  • Dramatically increased sales
  • A ready supply of warm leads you can access at any time
  • Facility to leverage all your other online marketing
  • Promotes you as the acknowledged expert in your field
  • Ongoing ability to generate warm leads, boost sales and foster solid relationships with everyone you want to do business with

Here's what you should know about lead generation on LinkedIn.

  • Every one of your prospect is a LinkedIn member
  • Only LinkedIn can put you in contact with these vital prospects
  • LinkedSelling enables you to promote your expertise, and leverage it to generate ready supply of warm leads
  • LinkedSelling is a proven, systematic marketing tool
  • This type of campaign isn't something you can't do alone
  • This is business oppertunity too good to pass up 

How it works?


Getting Your Name Known

Based on your criteria, we will help you put together a significant database of potential prospects for your business. To get, and keep, your name in front of them, we will help you optimize your profile and company page and set up your own LinkedIn group.


Marketing Messages

Next, we show you how to promote your business by sending out targeted, strategic marketing messages to your connections and LinkedIn group members. These are designed to add value to their businesses, and boost the number of warm leads for yours.


Conversion Rate

The combination of the world’s largest professional networking site and our LinkedIn marketing strategy gives you an almost limitless ready supply of warm leads with an increased likelihood of conversions to sales.

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