We Want to Help You Grow Your Company Grow By Giving Your Team the Best Marketing Training available

Our Story

Hi Everyone, Thank you for checking out our "About Us" page. 

My name is Sean Honan and as a business owner I had to learn about marketing because I had to. Like many of you I struggled to build my primary business for years before I started making the most of online marketing. Since then there has been no looking back. We have grown our business by 300% and continue to grow in these uncertain times!

We started Linkedgrowth in 2015 because we really want to share with other businesses the same techniques that we used and use to grow our business. We want to train your team to be the very best marketers.

As Certified Partners of marketing research and training provider, DigitalMarketer, we provide world-class training and accreditation in the latest digital marketing methodologies, centred around getting measurable results. 

Our Team

Sean - Founder

Anja - Business Development

Željka - Client success partner

Adam - Trainer

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple we want to help businesses grow by sharing the best actionable marketing available.

Our process for helping companies grow is straight forward enough in that our process revolves around 3 simple principles:

- Having a documented Journey for growth - we have a tried and tested customer journey that works!
- Having actionable metrics - We measure each step of the way with real KPI's
- Tools and tactics - we employ over 20 plus tactics that drive growth

As Certified Partners of marketing research and training provider, DigitalMarketer, we provide world-class training and accreditation in the latest digital marketing methodologies, centered around getting measurable results. We want to train your team to be the very best marketers.

We are on mission with our strategic partners DigitalMarketer to reach the goal of doubling the size of 10,000 businesses in 5 years.

Sagi Barkay CEO at Dognostica/Advisor/consultant in digital/medical technology projects

Sean makes amazing things happen because he cares deeply about the people he works with. He is what every startup founder needs, even if they don't always know they need it. He has spent time with me to discuss the fundraising strategy and approach through to reviewing our message.

Having Sean at your side is an unfair competitive advantage your company can have. He is efficient and genuinely cares about your success. I can highly recommend Sean to anyone and hope I will have the pleasure to work with him again

Scott Cunningham CEO at eCommerce Marketing Agency

Working with Sean Honan on our lead generation campaign was remarkable in two ways. One, Sean is a true strategic professional who doesn't leave it to you to figure out the hard stuff. He shares valuable insights and fosters collaboration.

I feel the campaign we co-created together was the work of our combined efforts, and not solely his or mine. Two, going through Sean's process forced me to introspect on my business and re-focus on what we do best. I can single-handedly credit working with Sean for the reason we made a leap to niching our service offering.

It was something we explored and considered for some time, but working with Sean gave me the insights and confidence to take the plunge, which is the best thing that's happened to us in the last couple years. I highly recommend collaborating with Sean.

Nicholas Hill Sales Process Specialist

Sean’s knowledge of LinkedIn lead generation is second to none. I’ve worked in the business growth industry for many years, and am constantly bombarded with requests from LinkedIn ‘gurus’ who are all adopting the same approach.

The difference with Sean is, he’s an actual marketer, so understands that making an impact is about the message and building relationships, not just adding hundreds of connections with no impact. I met Sean as we are both Digital Marketer Certified Partners, and working with him, he generated quality leads for me with a non-invasive, span free (but still systemised) approach.

If you’re struggling to get any real impact on here with developing business relationships, then talk to Sean and he will give you impartial advice on the best approach for your service/industry.


Sean took our 16 Startup Factory teams through an intense 6-day marketing bootcamp providing knowledge that many of the founders immediately and successfully put to use. Sean quickly became one of Startup Factory’s highest rated mentors. He is a true expert in his field, intrinsically motivated, deeply focused, and yet approachable.


I first started working with Sean when we founded checkitsreal. Sean started working with our LinkedIn profiles and initiated several campaigns across multiple verticals. Sean's approach to campaigns is really well structured and, boy, they deliver results! Sean then came on board on a part-time basis to run all of our marketing activity. Sean is brilliant to work with. He just get's stuff done. He is highly flexible, incredibly professional and his work really delivers results. Sean was hugely instrumental in the success of checkitsreal. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sean and I look forward to continuing to work with him for a long time to come.

John Cobern Leading SEO Specialist and Business Growth Enabler

My experience of working with Sean has been nothing short of excellent. Sean is professional in everything he does and has a personable, approachable demeanor that makes him easy to work with. Just as importantly, Sean is not just a talker. He takes action that is substantial, timely and decisive. I have no hesitation in offering myself as a first hand reference for whoever may seek it. Thank you Sean and well done.

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